Facebook Dynamic Ads Export

Facebook Dynamic Ads Export


Olapic offers a flat file solution to integrate curated user-generated-content with Facebook Dynamic Ads. The feed was designed per Facebook’s Product Catalog Guidelines.

For more information on Facebook Dynamic Ads, please visit Facebook Help Center.

All curated content included in the flat-file export are fully controlled via the brand user in the Olapic admin.

There are two content sorting options that you can pick and choose from:

  • The image with the highest Photorank score associated with the product. Photorank is Olapic’s proprietary algorithm scoring system that predicts the success of a photo based on 40+ attributes.
  • The image with the highest click-through rate (CTR).

Note that if there is no rights-approved UGC associated with the product, the product record will be excluded from the feed.

File Specifications

File Naming Convention: [ClientNameID]_Olapic_FB_[yyyymmddmiss].csv

File Format: Comma-delimited, double quote qualifier, .CSV extension, UNIX line ending, header row

File Frequency: Daily, full file refresh.

File Transfer Options:

  1. Push to your FTP or SFTP server via password authentication
  2. Pick up from an Olapic hosted FTP account with password authentication, or an SFTP account with PEM key authentication

File Drop Time: Configurable from 23:00UTC to 10:00UTC

Content Filtering Option: Highest Photorank score or highest click-through rate.

File Layout Options:

  1. UGC Image URL options:
    • Best image associated with the product (default)
    • Up to ten best images associated with the product (in one field, comma separated)
  2. Filters
    • You can choose the image resolution size we include as the UGC Image URL.
    • (Optional) You also have the option of only exporting square images from one of these selected media sizes.
    • Media Size options:
      • Original - Original image without modifications (not necessarily square)
        • When selected, you can export only square images greater than a specified pixel width
      • Normal - 640x640px image. Maintains ratio (not necessarily square)
      • Mobile - 320x320px image. Maintains ratio (not necessarily square)
      • Thumbnail - 150x150px image. Maintains ratio (not necessarily square)
      • Square - 90x90px image. Cropped and does not maintain ratio
File Layout:
Position Header Field Name Description/Notes
1 id The product id as represented in the original feed provided by the client.
2 availability Either will output ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’ based on product availability information passed to Olapic by the client.
3 condition This information is not collected at Olapic and therefore is hardcoded to ‘new’ and will output as such.
4 description The product description as represented in the original feed provided by the client.
5 image_link If the option is chosen to output the one best UGC, the system will output the best approved, with rights, UGC image URL associated to that product, . If the option is chosen to output up to the best 10 UGC image URLs, then the value outputted in this field will be the product’s stock photo image URL from the original feed provided to Olapic. Any additional image links will be added to the additional_image_link row.
6 link The product page URL as represented in the original feed provided by the client.
7 title The product name as represented in the original feed provided by the client.
8 price The price as represented in the original feed provided by the client plus the ISO 4217 currency code. Otherwise 0.00 USD will output instead.
9 brand The client name id, internally known as the client’s template directory.
10 additional_image_link Optional field. Up to 10 best, Published with Rights UGC URL’s associated with this product in a comma separated fashion. If up to 10 best UGC is not chosen, then the 10th field will not output and this will be a file layout file consisting of 9 fields only.

Sample Default File Layout With Top UGC:
id availability condition description image_link link title price brand
176 in stock new This shirt is covered with amazing flowers. https://photorankmedia-a.akamaihd.net/media/d/2/i/socno6/normal.jpg http://www.someolapicclient.com/product/176/daisyshirt/index.tmpl Daisy Shirt 25.99 USD freelove
177 in stock new This top has a colorful plaid print that is still classic. https://photorankmedia-a.akamaihd.net/media/d/2/i/socno71/normal.jpg http://www.someolapicclient.com/product/176/classicplaid/index.tmpl Classic Plaid 35.00 USD freelove
201 out of stock new This jacket is the perfect edgy jacket for fall. http://www.someolapicclient/images/products/152x358/SOC201_152x358.jpg http://www.someolapicclient.com/product/201/daisyshirt/index.tmpl Biker Jacket 0.00 USD freelove